What is a NFC chip?

What is a NFC chip?

First, NFC or Near Field Communication allows communication or simple transactions between two devices in close proximity. A NFC chip contains information and can be read by any device capable of detecting it.

How are they used?

NFC technology has many uses. Many smart phones have NFC chips built in. This allow the phone to easy send data a short distance. You could give someone your contact information simply by putting you phone close to there phone. Also, many retail stores and merchant account services are adopting this technology into there into there cash registers or credit card readers. With this, you could simply and safely pay for your purchase by putting you phone in close proximity to where ever their NFC reader is. It is similar to the technology used in PayPass where you can simple tap you credit card to the swipe machine, but instead of tapping your credit card you would tap your phone. These are only a few ways this amazing new technology can be used.

Why use them?

NFC technology is spreading very quickly and it would not be surprising if most or all new smart phones come with NFC capability as a standard. Like QR codes they are fast, easy, and can be very useful. On a NFC enabled smart phone you receive a notification, similar to a sms, notifying you of a detected NFC chip. The chip will have a name, such as “The Ocean Front Cafe”, and you have the option to read or interact with the chip. This is huge! Instead of a customer deciding to interact or connect with your company online they are prompted too!

ConnectStrong Solution

ConnectStrong strives to be the mobile platform for businesses. When someone detects our clients NFC chip they are brought to a custom mobile website that displays the most relevant and useful information. The site is formated for all major mobile devices. It is fast, easy and effective. Interested in having ConnectStrong for your business? Its affordable, easy and satisfaction is guaranteed.We do not require a monthly contract. If for whatever reason you are not satisfied you can cancel your service. Easy as that.

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