The fastest, easiest way for your customers to connect with your business. Whether its via Text, QR Code, Web Link or NFC Chips we use whatever is the BEST. I say the BEST because what matters is a fast, easy connection to your vital information, and that is exactly what you get! We provide customizable table tents with call to actions that get your customers to engage!





When you signup for the PRO package you will get:

  • Custom table tents with your logo
  • Custom mobile site
            • Menu Module
            • Social Media Module
            • Check-In Module
            • Specials Module (Email/Text Subscription)
            • Contact Module
            • Tap to call feature
            • Monthly Analytics (See how good your doing)


Post Your Menu!

With the “Menu Module” your customers can quickly and easily see your complete menu. It can be customized to fit your specific needs.








With the Review Module you make it convenient for your customers to give you a review. Only good reviews will show here.


The more reviews you have the higher you will rank in search engines. This means more people will find, and we all know that means more new customers.


You will be surprised at HOW MUCH this can SKYROCKET your amount of new clients each month and give you the EDGE on your competition.




We know communication is important in any healthy relationship. So how do you stay in contact with your customers? You use social media!


I am sure you have heard this before, but if you don’t have a Facebook page for your business you are losing out on a great marketing tool, it’s a guarantee your customers are on Facebook, and at least some of you competitors are using it!


With the Social Media Module we make it easy for your customers to add your business and for you to stay connected with them.


Let your customers REFER YOU to their friends!

What if your customers could refer you to there friends and you could track it?? YOU CAN! With tools like Foursquare and Facebook check-in. Your customers are probably already using it at your Restaurant!


With the Check-in Module you make it even easier for your customer to refer you to their friends.


The analytics you receive each month will show how many check-ins you get each month.



Eliminate Downtime?! That’s right, how can we help you eliminate downtime???! With our Specials Module you can start collecting mobile numbers and email addresses. This means when you have downtime or slow time simply send out a message with a deal and start eliminating downtime!


Don’t wait, the quicker you start collecting your list, the faster you will eliminate your downtime! Fast, easy and it works!






Some of your new customers or return customers may just need some quick contact information. Maybe they need your phone number, address, or directions. In any case the Contact Module is perfect for everything your customer wants and needs









RISK FREE! If you do not see results in the first 30 days, WE WILL REFUND YOU 100%. YOU are going to LOVE THIS PRODUCT, but if for any reason you decide in the future its not for you, simply cancel. NO LONG-TERM CONTRACTS! :)